Eliminating The Need for ILT


The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has over 7,500 employees that maintain the state’s roadways and bridges. Many of these employees use a comprehensive application called VaTraffic that helps them perform their daily duties. As employees’ roles change and the application evolves, it has become increasingly difficult for VDOT to provide employees with the VaTraffic training they need on a timely basis.


LeanForward designed and developed a comprehensive suite of interactive elearning programs that include numerous realistic software simulations on VaTraffic. We also structured the courseware as task-based modules so employees could focus on just those tasks they need to know. We then published the courseware to the SCORM elearning standards so VDOT could deliver them via their existing Learning Management System.


Our work enabled VDOT to replace all of its VaTraffic instructor-led training with interactive elearning.  This left VDOT instructors free to focus on other topics and tasks. The project was so successful that it was nominated for the VDOT Commissioner’s Award for Outstanding Excellence.

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