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LeanForward’s Instructional Design philosophy is based on the concept of lean forward activities. LeanForward activities are those that engage the user and thus require the user’s effort and concentration. Such activities ensure that the user is actively participating in the experience, causing them to lean forward.

When applied to learning technology, lean forward technologies interact with the learner to promote a deeper understanding of the information being presented. Learners who receive lean forward methods of instruction are therefore more likely to master the information and apply that knowledge in real-life situations.

By blending the best of many instructional design models and adult learning theories, LeanForward’s instructional model enables us to maximize the learner’s comprehension, retention and behavior change.

And when it comes to our LearnPoint™ LMS, we recognize that a LMS should reduce your administrative burdens, not add to them.

Our Team

LeanForward employs a team approach to elearning design and development. This approach allows us to capitalize on each team members’ strongest attributes.

Instructional Designer

The Instructional Design team is responsible for working with you to determine the desired behavioral outcomes, identify the learners’ existing knowledge and draft a learning experience that efficiently and effectively achieves the desired results.

Graphic Designer

The Graphic Designer is responsible for establishing the creative vision for the courseware. This includes creating the user interface, style guidelines and supporting graphics and animations.

eLearning Development

The development team combines the approved script and creative vision into an engaging and interactive elearning program. They are proficient with a wide variety of elearning authoring tools as well as with HTML5.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance team is responsible for reviewing the courseware to ensure it functions as designed and no errors have been overlooked.

Project Manager

The Project Manager oversees the project to ensure it is completed on time, on budget and with minimal effort required by the client.

100% Satisfaction

That’s right. Our custom training development clients have been so pleased with our customer service, the quality of our work and the results they have recognized from the training we developed that they consistently award us additional business. Now that’s client satisfaction! Contact us and let us show you why our clients have been so pleased with our work.

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