Elearning Advantages

April 09th, 2020

The advantages of elearning are great and varied but at the end of the day, the bottom line is that elearning saves time and money while also making training more accessible and scalable.

eLearning provides the right people, with the right knowledge, at the right time – transferring critical knowledge from those who have it, to those who need it.

The advantages of elearning are almost as numerous as the organizations using it but the most common are...

  • Accessibility – No need to schedule specific times for training . . . elearning can be accessed anytime, anywhere via a computer or mobile device! 
  • Less Training Time – asynchronous elearning (self-directed) typically reduces instructional time by 50% or more! 
  • Flexibility and Less Workflow Disruption – Learners train at their convenience, NOT an instructor’s. 
  • Scalability – Can train large populations worldwide quickly and easily. 
  • Cost Savings– Overall training costs are reduced. There is no need for learners or instructors to travel, no need for training facilities or printed training materials.  
  • Simplified Training Documentation – elearning activity can be automatically documented.  
  • Personalization – Learners are empowered to progress through the training at their own pace.  
  • Immediate feedback – elearning typically incorporates quizzes and scenarios to evaluate learners progress and improve knowledge retention. 
  • Consistency – All learners receive consistent and standardized instruction. 
  • Free Up Instructor Time – Valuable instructor time can be allocated to topics where face-to-face interaction is required. 

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