Coronavirus’ Impact on Learning and Development

March 13th, 2020

With limits on travel, conference attendance and large gatherings in general, the Coronavirus is limiting organizations’ ability to achieve their learning and development objectives. Whether its cancelling seminars or postponing instructor-led training, organizations are in a bind. How can you provide the required instruction in this difficult environment?  

The obvious answer is to move your programs online but this is easier said than done. Will the program be effective in its current form even though it was designed to be delivered via a facilitator? Does it need to be modified for online delivery? Can it even be delivered in its current form? And what technology should be used to deliver the program?

LeanForward has designed and developed over 1000 custom elearning programs over the past 15 years. We have developed proven methods to efficiently convert our clients’ unique content into engaging and interactive elearning which can be delivered online, anytime, anywhere.  

If you need help determining a path forward to minimize disruptions to your training initiatives and then a partner to you execute your plan, LeanForward would be glad to assist your organization. Call Jim Palmer today at (877) 594-6300 x 120 or email him at

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