Custom Elearning Development to Engage Your Online Learners

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 At LeanForward we understand the importance of engaging online learners in order to optimize learning outcomes. So what makes elearning engaging?

Well, first and foremost, engaging elearning is interesting. It captures and retains the learner’s attention through the use of a wide range of multimedia elements such as images, graphics, animations, video and audio. Multimedia elements also help bring the content to life and put it in the proper context. 

Second, engaging elearning must demonstrate its value to the learner by answering the question, “What’s in it for me?” This helps motivate the user, which is a critical component of adult learning theory. By explaining the practical benefits of the training as well as how to apply their new found knowledge in real life situations, learners recognize that the training is well worth their time and effort. 

Third, in order to engage learners, elearning must also interact with them. Interactive learning exercises require learners to actively participate in the program, thereby requiring their full attention. LeanForward’s interactive learning exercises help convey complex concepts, provide experiential learning opportunities and assess the learner’s understanding of key concepts. 

Fourth, engaging elearning must also be thought-provoking. It must require learners to exert some mental effort and challenge them without being overwhelming. LeanForward accomplishes this by enabling the user to learn through discovery, prompting the learner to think about questions before responding and by designing assessments that truly measure the learner’s progress. 

Lastly, in order to keep the learner engaged, elearning must make efficient use of the learner’s time by providing the necessary knowledge in a concise package. LeanForward works closely with our clients’ subject matter experts to purge extraneous content, packaging the content in bite size pieces and by utilizing multimedia elements to efficiently convey complex information. 

In summary, elearning must be interesting, valuable, interactive, thought provoking, and efficient. If you would like to learn more about what it takes to develop engaging elearning or learn about LeanForward’s custom elearning development services, please contact us at

Consider taking advantage of LeanForward’s Instructional Consulting services if you are still not sure if custom elearning development is the right solution for your organization. Our experts can provide the strategic guidance needed to make the right decision. Our input will help ensure that your organization invests its time and money in the appropriate Instructional Technology, makes the best use of your existing budget and resources, develops effective learning programs and, most importantly, satisfies your organization’s business requirements. 

Considering Mobile Learning? We can help you understand the strengths and limitations of training specifically designed to be delivered via smartphones, and determine if incorporating Mobile Learning into your overall learning strategy makes sense for your organization. Or maybe your organization is considering gamification, or gamified elearning, that emphasizes using gaming mechanics in order to increase learner engagement and improve learner retention and recall. Let LeanForward and our expert Instructional Designers help you determine when and where to gamify content. 

When instructor-led training or a blended solution is the best option for your organization, LeanForward also offers Instructional Design expertise in the development of lesson plans, student guides, job aids, slide decks and all of the other deliverables associated with instructor-led training. 

Whether it’s elearning, Mobile Learning, gamification, instructor-led training, or a blended solution, our custom training programs include topics such as compliance training, new employee orientation training, onboarding training, policy and procedure training, safety training, product training, sales training, software training, leadership training, personal development training, experiential learning, student online learning, case study training, and simulation training.

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