Showcase of Custom Online Training Solutions

If you're searching for an elearning company to partner with for your custom training needs, look no further.

LEanForward has you covered.

Whether you call it elearning development, corporate training, Mobile Learning, online training, computer based training (CBT), web based training (WBT), learning management system (LMS), Learning and Development (L&D), or just plain training, LeanForward is your partner for Instructional Consulting, Instructional Design, Instructional Technology, and custom training development. Our custom elearning development services result in engaging and interactive learning solutions that incorporate cutting edge Instructional Technology while respecting the needs of adult learners.

Our showcase features examples of our elearning that is visually appealing - incorporating beautiful imagery, motion graphics, engaging interactions, simple and intuitive navigation, a consistent look and feel and eye catching animations to enhance the learning experience. Elearning with an appealing visual design that is modern and clean helps promote a deeper understanding by your learners, keeping them engaged in the learning and increasing the rate of course completion. Our designs incorporate your own organization’s brand elements and will get your training noticed.

You’ll also see examples of our training solutions that are engaging and interactive in our showcase. Our Instructional Design philosophy is based on the concept of lean forward activities that engage the learner and require their effort and concentration. This active participation encourages learners to lean forward toward their screen as they engage with content through clickables, drag and drops, sequencing activities, knowledge checks, case studies, simulations, and many other interactive elements. Lean forward activities promote a deeper understanding of the information being presented and increase the likelihood of mastering the information so that learners can apply the knowledge in real-life situations.

Our showcase also highlights elearning that incorporates thought-provoking real world activities to engage your learners. Our custom training requires learners to exert some mental effort. It challenges them without being overwhelming. We do this by enabling learners to learn through discovery, prompting them to think about questions before responding and by designing assessments that truly measure the learner’s progress. Additionally, learners need to know what’s in it for them to buy into the training being offered. This helps motivate the learner which is a critical component of adult learning theory. By explaining the practical benefits of the training as well as how to apply their new found knowledge in real life situations, learners recognize that the training is well worth their time and effort.

Creating these engaging and effective custom elearning solutions, like the ones featured in our showcase, is a team effort that involves coupling the expertise of our clients’ SMEs with LeanForward’s proven Instructional Design and development process – a collaborative effort that ensures engaging elearning that meets your organization’s training requirements and business objectives.

LeanForward offers custom training to meet all your Learning and Development (L&D) needs, including the following areas:

Compliance Training

Software Training

New Employee Orientation Training

Leadership Training

Onboarding Training

Personal Development Training

Policy and Procedure Training

Experiential Learning

Safety Training

Student Online Learning

Product Training

Case Study Training

Sales Training

Simulation Training

Not sure if custom elearning development is right for your organization? Take advantage of LeanForward’s Instructional Consulting services to find out what types of custom training might be the right solution to meet your needs. Our experts can provide the strategic guidance needed to make the right decision. Our consulting services include: Instructional Technology needs analysis, elearning strategy and curriculum design, Mobile Learning strategy and curriculum design, blended learning curriculum design, elearning authoring tool selection, LMS selection and building your organization’s internal elearning design and development capacity.

Our input will help ensure that your organization invests its time and money in the appropriate Instructional Technology, makes the best use of your existing budget and resources, develops effective learning programs and, most importantly, satisfies your organization’s business requirements.

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