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For over six decades, a nuclear gauge equipment manufacturer has been providing instructor-led regulatory and HAZMAT training on several of its products that contain radioactive material. Over the past several years their training business had been in decline as clients opted to pursue online training.

After all, elearning provided more accessible and flexible training with no need to schedule specific training dates or times. With online learning, their customers could reduce costs related to travel, hotel rentals, equipment, printing, energy, and instructors. It allowed learners to control the training, initiating learning when it was best suited for them, progressing at their own pace and revisiting content as needed.


LeanForward’s custom elearning development services helped this client develop several engaging and interactive elearning programs on nuclear gauge safety and HAZMAT that covered all the content in their instructor-led training. For this project in particular, success was predicated upon coupling the expertise of the client’s subject matter experts (SMEs) with LeanForward’s proven Instructional Design and development process – a collaborative effort that ensured the development of engaging elearning modules that met the client’s training requirements and business objectives. While we may be elearning experts, our client was the expert on nuclear gauge safety and HAZMAT.

A fundamental part of LeanForward’s development process involves tapping into the expertise of our client’s SMEs and translating it into effective elearning. With this client, the key to effective collaboration was keeping the SMEs informed, invested, and involved during every stage of the design and development process, while minimizing the time demands placed on them. With the help of the SMEs, we created a custom training solution that featured numerous challenging learning exercises, realistic scenarios, self-checks, and a comprehensive final assessment.

The company also licensed LeanForward’s innovative LearnPointTM learning management system (LMS) to manage its online training initiative. LearnPointTM enabled them to leverage the inherent advantages of our custom elearning solution while minimizing the administrative effort and man-hours required to organize, document and track their online training initiative. LearnPointTM provided them with a clean learner interface, intuitive administration and simple reporting, making things quick and easy for learners, administrators and managers. LearnPointTM was custom branded with the client’s name, their own logo and messaging, ensuring that their brand and culture were reinforced throughout the learning experience.


Once the client deployed their custom elearning solution, how did they know if it was successful? Measuring success can be quantitative as well as subjective. Beyond documenting how many people completed the training and how they performed on their assessments, here are some common questions to ask. Are the learners applying their new knowledge or skills on the job? Did the elearning improve their skillset? Was there a measurable impact on learner knowledge, behavior or performance as defined in the learning objectives? Did you experience a return on your investment? Was there a cost savings over instructor-led training? Did learners share positive feedback about the elearning? Are they eager for more? Did you make the best use of internal resources and time? Was their feedback from everyone involved including stakeholders and the design team? Are they on board to repeat the process? Were there any pitfalls?

The custom elearning development services provided by LeanForward resulted in regulatory and HAZMAT online training related to the client’s nuclear gauge equipment that not only enabled the organization to recapture the training market share it lost, but also increased its overall presence in the training market. The new online training developed in partnership with LeanForward provided their customers with more accessible, consistent and flexible training that saved costs.

While every training initiative is different in size and scope, for this client the development of a custom elearning solution was the right decision. While elearning typically requires more up-front investment than instructor-led training, since it eliminates ongoing instructor costs and travel expenses and minimizes training time, it can provide tremendous long-term savings. This client established a significant and consistent source of passive revenue.

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