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The advantages of elearning are many, but if you’re still on the fence about whether or not a custom elearning development solution is right for your organization, keep the following advantages in mind.

Elearning provides greater accessibility.

Eliminate the need to schedule specific times and reserve specific places to conduct training. An advantage of elearning is that it can be accessed anytime and anywhere. In today’s world, learners expect the information they need to be available immediately and want it to be visually appealing, engaging and to the point.

Elearning means less training time.

Asynchronous elearning (self-directed) typically reduces instructional time. In fact, elearning typically requires 40-60% less training time than traditional classroom learning. This minimizes downtime and boosts productivity. This time savings does not affect the quality of learning. According to a study by Brandon-Hall, it’s actually quite the opposite.

Elearning means less workflow disruption.

Learners are able to train at their convenience, not at the convenience of the instructor. Leaners aren’t taken out of their jobs for extended periods. They can progress at their own pace and revisit content as needed. Learners who receive quality training that aligns with their needs experience increased productivity and efficiency.

Elearning provides consistency.

Elearning ensures that all learners receive consistent instruction, regardless of when or where they complete their training. This is especially important for compliance training. The more instructors and facilitators you have, the more challenging it can be to train your learners to a reliable and consistent standard. Instructors vary in their approach, activities, energy level and knowledge base. Additionally, even the best instructors can struggle if the class is too large or one or more learners are inattentive or even disruptive. Elearning delivers consistent content to all learners every time.

Elearning frees up instructor time.

Valuable instructor time can be allocated to topics where face-to-face interaction is vital. While the advantages of elearning are many, there are some topics that are better delivered by an instructor in front of a small attentive class. Reserve your instructor-led budget for topics such as advanced sales skills and interpersonal communications that benefit from a live instructor engaging learners and providing the personal support and connection that cannot be achieved online.

Elearning offers simplified training documentation.

Elearning activity is automatically documented in the learning management system. For clients loading files onto their own LMS, we test the courses on our internal SCORM-compliant LMS before providing published files. LeanForward also offers our clients access to our own LearnPointTM LMS. LearnPointTM offers a clean learner interface, intuitive administration and simple reporting, making things quick and easy for learners, administrators and managers. LearnPointTM is customized to the organization’s name, logo, and messaging, ensuring that your brand and culture are reinforced throughout the learning experience.

Elearning allows for personalization.

Learners are empowered to progress through the training at their own pace. Adults learn at different speeds and in different ways. Elearning gives learners the power to pause or replay animations, videos and narration. They can also revisit key training points. This independence can increase retention rates.

Elearning eliminates travel costs.

Learners access the training via their computers. There is no need for learners or instructors to travel. Organizations can reduce costs related to travel, hotel rentals, equipment, printing, energy, manpower and catering.

Elearning provides scalability.

Elearning allows organizations to train large populations quickly and easily and provide flexible training. There’s no need to schedule specific training dates or times since it can be done when and where needed. Additionally, elearning increases an organization’s competitive edge by helping them respond quickly to changes in their business, industry or market.

Still not sure?

Take advantage of LeanForward’s Instructional Consulting services to determine if custom elearning development is the right solution for your organization. Our experts can provide the strategic guidance needed to make the right decision. Our input will help ensure that your organization invests its time and money in the appropriate Instructional Technology, makes the best use of your existing budget and resources, develops effective learning programs and, most importantly, satisfies your organization’s business requirements.